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April 26, 2020 · -

For almost more than one month, we have been working in a distributed manner (I do not like the term remote). This was a new environment for us as most of other companies and learned few things along the way and in this post, so I want to share some of these learnings.

Health & Safety

It goes without saying that the most important thing is to communicate to your team that they need to be healthy and safe. This is a number one priority.


No longer are those chitchats in the kitchen happening; no longer can you sense and understand the mood of people that are just “showing up to work”. No longer can you do check-ins on certain meeting outcomes with people through debriefs. This can increase frustration and can feel at times being isolated or “out of the loop”. However, this also is a good opportunity for everyone to double-down on communication to mitigate some of these issues and increase the feeling of “being in the loop” for you and your team.


Many websites are experiencing high traffic and usage, so make sure you have enough hardware to support a smooth customer experience. Customers need us the most in these times, so we should make sure that every system is purring.

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